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One thousand miles away,
Obsessed by work, loved by words, feet moving restless
Woman in her usual struggle of her day
Running around like .... a monkey.

One thousand miles away,
Deep in thought, tight in spot, brain cracks into pieces
Man dreaming up his poem that must say
Precisely one thousand words of Love.

His feelings are in despair
Why we are one thousand miles apart
Separation can not be disregard
Desperation he hates to bear
Learn to be sensible, cause affection has no spare

In his dream he can see the reality
One thousand miles just a quick jet flight
Reunion is in his sight
When man and woman are in love, the world has no boundary
No distance to cross from heart to heart, no border to destiny

But why we are still one thousand miles away
I long for a kiss, not through modem and e-mail
But a kiss from your heart and love will prevail
One thousand miles will turn into one thousand words of Love

One thousand words of Love in my poem
Will silently transfer from my lips into your heart.

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