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I will never like anybody
I will never melt my heart to any guy
i will never fall in love blindly
i will never fall into bunch of lies
i will never be a fool
i will never get played
i will nver be guy's tool
just cause he wants me to replace
i will never be in denial
just cause his heart doesn't belong to me
i will never follow him mile to mile
my soft side he will never see
i will never tell myself he will change
when he had cheated and beat on me
Was i the last one to choose on his range?
Cause he never compliment or be a sweety
why can i see the lack of his love and his actions
and have to wait until he walked away
and painfully wake up from my only illusions
I wish i could listen to my instinct and not heart
Cause now all i could do now is falling apart

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