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As I sit here feeling depress and sorrow,
I pray and hope for a brighter tomorrow.
I see God, my savior, my guiding light.
He is the one who helps me make it through the night.

Oh God! please hear me wherever you are.
I know I am not the best kid by far.
I make mistakes that have cost me a miserable life.
I know I just can't go on feeling the pain, the strife.

My life has been like a tunnel of darkness, with no answers, no solutions.
Is my life a life of beginnings with no endings, or just an illusion?
Will I ever see brilliant flocks of light shine?
Or will my sadness slowly fade away in time?

Whatever emotions or feelings I'm feeling inside
Or the tears that I sometimes cry,
Or even the loneliness I once felt before
I know God is always by my side, forevermore.

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